Take-Out and Dine-In Menu
Authentic Pit Cooked Pork, Beef, and Chicken BBQ!

5122 NC HWY 55

Durham, NC 27713

Family Owned and Operated

Restaurant  hours -  Monday through Friday 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM & Saturday 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Phone-(919) 544-9911
Fax- 919 544-9912 (After hours use
Mobile )if necessary- 919 201-8492

Email- info@SweetRibs.com


We offer a large variety of authentic Southern style vegetables like Mac n' Cheese, Collard Greens, Green Beans, Baked Beans, Blackeyed Peas,  Brunswick Stew, Stewed White Potatoes, Sweet Corn, Fried Cabbage, Coleslaw and Potato Salad. Take your pick!!
  • Half Pint; 1/2 lb. serves two 4oz portions unless you're really hungry- $2.50

  • Pint; 1lb. serves four 4oz portions, enough for you, two and one more- $4.50

  • Quarts; 2lbs. Plenty plenty, feeds eight 4 oz portions, perfect for any small get together-$ 8.50

  • Half tray; 6lb. Twenty four to twenty six 4oz portions a whole lot of food- $27.00

  • Full tray; 12lb. Forty eight 4 oz portions, this is if you want to feed a lot of people and still have leftovers- $54.00

  • We also serve Hushpuppies by the half dozen and full dozen .99 and 1.89

*All dinners come with two side choices

*certain sides contain pork


Tried and True Pit cooked BBQ- Pit cooked pork shoulder cooked in the traditional method of slowly smoking over glowing hickory wood coals. Plate- $6.49 sandwich- $3.50 

Pork Spare Ribs- Fall off of the bone smoked spare ribs basted in our home made molasses sauce, guaranteed to fill your plate and you too! Plate- $10.49

Pork chops - Tender pork chops fried to golden perfection!
 Plate- $8.49 two $11.49 
sandwich- $4.50
*for 1.00 extra we'll smother them in our special homemade gravy and onions*

      Chicken and Turkey      

Smoked BBQ Chicken- Slow roasted and smoked on our open pit dripping with flavor you're sure to favor! Rich and juicy White meat- $6.99 Tender and flavorful dark meat- $6.49   *Fried chicken available upon request, please order in advanced may take up to 20mins 1.00 charge*                  

Chopped Turkey BBQ    - Smoked Turkey chopped and mixed with our authentic eastern North Carolina style seasoning, taste like pork only its not...its turkey! Plate- $6.49 sandwich- $3.50

            Beef & Fish              

Beef Brisket          - Slow smoked, savory and oh so tender! Sliced thinly and covered in our homemade stock. Plate- $10.49 sandwich- $4.75

Fried Fish       - dropped in our tasty seasonings and fried to a crisp, fresh and hot! Choices are catfish, whiting, shrimp and flounder. Plate- $10.49 sandwich- $4.50 *Flounder plates are 1.00 extra*


Sip on our perfectly seasoned sweet tea a true drink of the south perfect for any dinner! We also have our signature  homemade pineapple lemonade, try not to get addicted!

One gallon Tea- $4.00

One gallon Pineapple Lemonade- $6.00